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What fuck-you money can do for you

TLDR; this article is going to get seriously real about having and not having money.


As the name suggests, fuck-you money is where you have so much disposable income, you can spend it recklessly. In fact so recklessly that you can buy something for no other reason than to want it. Bystanders may mistakenly/correctly interpret it as rubbing it in someone’s (or everyone’s) face, like a fuck-you. You are only considered to have fuck-you money if it’s sustainable. This is not to be mistaken with the idea of fuck-it money. Whereby, if you decide to go fuck-it and buy a Ferrari the next day but then can’t afford anything else for the rest of your life, that’s not fuck-you rich… that’s just fuck-it stoopid.


Fuck-you money doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It is on a sliding scale as much as being “rich” itself is. You might have a steady income and homeless people think you have it grand. You might be part of the 1%, but millionaires are still living a different lifestyle than you, right? Thus, I suggest that as long as you work your ass off for a worthwhile roadmap that you’ve set out for yourself, you should periodically set out some fuck-you money and spend it as you mean it.


Buy things to celebrate achievements or simply as retail therapy for a milestone break. As you climb the ladder of financial achievements, it becomes inevitable that your regular $7 weekend-dinners somehow became $30. In some countries, that is literally their entire month’s wage, but if you are working your ass off to be the high earner that you are and you’ve done the math (read this article if you’ve never actually done the math), then, by all means, the 11ish community is behind you! All that we ask is you donate some of your fuck-you money every year to a charitable cause of your choice. It is the right thing to do.


Here’s some fuck-you money stuff we recommend you buy:


A 20 dollar potato peeler.

Why spend 3 dollars on one, when you can peel your poor man’s cucumber in luxury? Some things I hate about some potato peelers is that it feeling slippery in your hand and the corners of the blade holder is curved up so that your blade can’t reach the big phat potatoes. Well this one is engineered to have none of those problems and it’s heavy enough to perhaps act as a weapon. That’s fuck-you money quality right there.


A 400 dollar ball-point pen

If you physically write a lot, I highly recommend you throwing some money at a really ergonomic pen. In all honesty, once you’ve written with a properly weighted pen (doesn’t even have to be crazy expensive), the pens you’ve been stealing from hotels all your life is as good as the seeds in peppers. You’ll eat it…. If you have to.

I personally prefer Lamy pens. It’s already 20x the 99 cent action that we’ve grown up with, but if you REALLY want to celebrate an achivement, then get yourself a Montblanc. Many country’s presidents sign with them. Enough said!


Grab a 200 dollar meal at a Michelin Restaurant (any)

10 years ago, in college, I never thought I’d do it. In fact, I thought it’d be the stupidest thing on the planet to spend that money on a 30minute meal. Turns out, it is NOT 30 minutes. It’s a whole evening of events and experiences that is equivalent to you dropping 200 on a concert of your favorite artist. Except, in this case, you go home with a full stomach. It is now a tradition of mine to try a new one once a year. One word of advice though, I highly recommend going with someone, because sharing the experience between courses is half the ambiance.


I was raised a money pincher. Through money pinching, I’ve saved money, which allowed me to invest and make faster money. This, in turn, afforded me the luxury of sharing my experiences with you all! The best advice I can give you is the same advice I gave my parents: if you’re spending it with a rationalizable purpose, sustainability, and it has the chance of making you happier, then do it.


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