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Optimize your Passion

Turn obsessive compulsive passions into successful careers.

Turn your obsessive compulsive passion into success.

"You are here to acquire skills & knowledge for your life journey.
Prepare to hone yourself here & build greatness."
Steve Chen
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The TSLA of Meetings

In this article, we’re going to talk about why Zoom is not overvalued. Why I sold my 100Gs stake Disney and put its entirety in Zoom instead, and how it might fit into your portfolio for the next 3 to 6 months.

COVID Prep Your Investments.

It's timely for us to talk about what might happen if COVID gets worse and a second financial crisis hits. Prep your investments, people!

PTON vs the Fitness Industry

Should you be investing in peloton for the next 3 to 6 months? With the pandemic being extended and Walmart selling out fitness equipment all the time, there is serious potential for making money here, guys!

What to Do with Your Gold & Silver Stocks

If you followed along on my recommendation for GLD and SLV, you would have made a 25% unleveraged killing

Latest Advices on Success

Choosing Your Career Path.

What is the practical difference between Individual contributors and people managers? Let’s talk about what this mean to you and your personal growth.

How far are you from success?

Does it matter? Learn why it is beneficial to know and how you should frame success so that you always know.

Tips on working well with teams

We'll tell you exactly how you can work more effectively in 3 to 8 person teams

Build your home office right

Being passionate about your work means you probably take work home or that the workplace is your home. Here's how you can make it work.

Healthy Eating (Work​ Edition)

As we get busier & busier, it feels like there's no time to take care of ourselves. I’ve got some tricks to keep you active and healthy!

8 Tips: Talking with Recruiters

Recruiters are the gate keepers to your next step in life. To create an impressive & meaningful conversation, consider the following principals you must keep in mind

What F-you money is good for

Most people strive to be financially independent. Does it mean “F-you money” rich? See what experts have to say

The 5 Year Plan

This plan enabled me to accumulate enough money to have upward mobility and enjoy life the way I never thought possible. My strategy can work for you too; here’s how I did it.

Turn your obsessive compulsive passion into success.

"Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose"
Lyndon B. Johnson
36th U.S. President

Our Story

Through trial and error, we figured out the key ingredients needed to turn pure unadulterated ambition into sustainable growth opportunities. Eager to share this knowledge, we created the 11ish community to help dreamers maximize their growth potential. Between agism, professional expectations, and work-life balance, we teach you how to be ready for the next step and look good doing it.