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Angry letter to Yahoo’s PM for Yahoo Finance

Dear Yahoo,


You are assisting in the ruins of financial literacy. I’ve been an avid user of yahoo finance since as long as I could remember. It is a simple no fuss service that has helped me learn how to invest and make a lot of money over the period of about a decade. 


However, in recent years I’ve noticed that you’re making it worse and worse. Two updates stood out the most. The first one you’ve been doing for awhile now and that is you embedding ads with news. The second is you recently decided to make quarter earnings a “premium” feature. 


This is utter bullshit. 


In a world where there is already enough problems getting people to be excited about acquiring financial literacy, you mix valuable content with clickbait and you prevent users from easily accessing all valuable PUBLIC financial information just so you can make a few bucks.


As an aspiring entrepreneur and professional product manager myself, I understand the urge to monetize every bit of every user experience and create new monetization streams on existing users segments. But don’t you think you should be a drawing a line in the sand somewhere, so that you don’t become complicit in effectively helping newly minted ambitious young traders from gambling away their money? Do you seriously expect them to pay 100 bux a year from their starter bankroll just so they can see more numbers? They will be much more likely to ignore and trade with partial information. In which case, they have at best limited and at worst INCORRECT understandings of how a business is doing. 


Same thing with your stupid embedded ads. Instead of doing proper due diligence, they start seeing ridiculous links to get rich schemes just so YOU can get rich first. That’s a fucking dick move, Yahoo.


I hope you see this, consider my words, and change your ways. If you don’t, I will have to abandon my 10 year streak and just one more service from yahoo to google.


Don’t be a fucking dick, yahoo.


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