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Talisman – Anchor Bracelet


Magellan didn’t discover a new world by sitting on his couch and watching Netflix. You have a dream, so do something about it. Drop your line with this talisman. This metal anchor not just declare loyalty to the 11ish tribe, It is a talisman reminding you to be comfortable with wherever you are, whatever you’re tackling. Know that you can drop anchor and be the captain anywhere.

Ship-shape and Bristol fashion, sailor. ~William Henry Smyth

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The Story
Magellan didn’t become the first person to sail around the world by sitting on his couch and watching Netflix. We’re going to bet that watching “Fast and the Furious” for the fourth time won’t get you any closer to your goals, either.

Navigators and explorers and strivers, this wrap bracelet is for you. It doesn’t just declare your loyalty to the 11ish collective: it’s the talisman that anchors you wherever the journey goes. Now is as good a time as any to be the captain of your own adventure.

Batten down the hatches, sailor: it’s going to be a wild ride.


In collaboration with Wesson & Co, We have here a metal anchor paired with supple leather. It’s an easy, all-day wear.

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Anchor Bracelet Type

Gold, Silver


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