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Top 5 sites that will speed up your job hunts

So you’ve brushed the dust off your ties and midi skirts, and sent every single one of your working friends 50 drafts of your resume, the only thing left is to secure your dream job. While it’s great there are so many online job boards that have popped up, you probably want to utilize your time productively, and not send out 50 applications across 100s of sites. So I’ve narrowed down the top 4 sites to apply for jobs: 

1. Linkedin

In my job hunts, Linkedin has to be hands down the most instrumental tool for finding the next gig. LinkedIn not only great because it has an extensive repository of jobs but also gives you access to thousands of recruiters and professionals already in your field. Some of the best opportunities that I’ve had have come from recruiters reaching out to me after finding my Linkedin profile (article to come on how to get the most out of your profile). 

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor isn’t just good for the application process, but for every step of the hunt. The most important thing a lot of new professionals don’t prioritize is making sure that the company and team you’re going to work for is the right fit and environment for you. You’ll be working with the same team and leadership for at least 40 hours of your week every week. That’s a good chunk of your time, so imagine being surrounded by people in a 6×12 cube that you can’t stand. It’s important to know what a company’s work/life balance is like, what current employees have to say, and what the salaries are like. Glassdoor consolidates all this and more on their site, along with interview tips and personalized job recommendations. 

3. Indeed

Indeed is another job searching tool where you can also upload your resume while having recruiters come to you. The one major difference from Linkedin is that I’ve personally found I get more hits on my profile and offers to interview after submitting an application using Indeed.

4. Actual Company Sites

While Job Boards are a great way to narrow down what jobs are open to you based on your location and skill set, they will never have every listing available. It is up to the individual company to go 

5. Google 

Enough said.

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