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The 5 year plan (part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1, please tap here and read it first to understand the full context of this 5 year plan.

Thank you!


How-to: Go get that money

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Imagine that your 40 hr/week job makes you 40 thousand dollars a year because that is all your work-experience can get you right now. I plan to double your work hours and treat it as higher-education (because it is). By the end of your 5 years (most likely sooner), you will be more qualified for promotions and have a ton more money saved up. 

I guarantee you that most people getting their MBAs are paying closer to 100k a year and working 80 hr/week for their degree for 3 years. You should frame your mentality as one of the lucky ones who are not only being paid for higher education but is in full control of your plan! 

Your second hustle job might not double your salary but it should make you an additional healthy fraction of your main salary. In 5 years and minus taxes and you should be exactly where you want to be.


Do I need a second job…?

If you are fortunate to make more money on a single salary, then allocate your savings the same way described above and plan for your 5 years. You want to be the guy who can pay for whatever he/she wants. Not the guy who needs to do a mental calculation of their bank account, every time spending is involved. 

I hope this information helps motivate you to make a real difference in your life. Hustling is a frame of mind and it is definitely age agnostic. You just need the passion and ambition that got you on the 11ish site in the first place. 

Good luck!

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