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Talking to Recruiters: 8 things to keep in mind

Keep in mind, the recruiter is there to act as your job search assistant. They will be on your side and will place you in an ideal position at a workplace you will enjoy. Many times you don’t fit for the particular position they are looking for. Recruiters are the gate keepers to your next step in life. To create an impressive and meaningful conversation, consider the following principals you must keep in mind for your initial talk:

1. Be honest

Ensure that you don’t tell lies about any skills or experiences you have because most of the staffing manager or recruiter will catch you if you are not the best fit for the position. Telling lies about your skill and experience will wastes the recruiter’s time. Of course, you want the recruiter to help match you up with the ideal job position and being honest with regards to your experience and skills will benefit you down the road.


2. Be confident

Ensure that you stay confident with your answers and let the recruiter know how great you are with your experience and skills! First impressions are a really great thing to reveal that you believe in yourself to everything you will achieve!


3. Keep the Job Description in Mind

Every time a recruiter asks with regards to your past employments tell him or her about your most relevant experience first. Ensure that you highlight the skills you applied to each job position because they refer to the one you are applying for. When the recruiter requests a problem solving team member, be sure you answer with examples of how you could solve a problem and in collaboration with the team. You need to prepare the answer to those questions in advance so you will not get caught off guard.

Also, It is best to emphasize your skills and experiences and be clear about everything you are interested in. Most recruiters might not dominate the conversation in the beginning so you will need to be more active in marketing yourself.


5. Talking about Money

When you talk about money too early it might seem that money is your only reason for a job position. A recruiter will assess your qualifying criteria before talking about salary. Many job positions include a salary range that is determined by experience. Your communication skills will increase your value. Prepare yourself to speak about your past salary. This is typical question, so you don’t need to be shocked when the recruiter asks about how much you are now making and what you want from the position. This is another thing to decide whether you fit the position or not so there will be no time wasted during the conversation.


6. Be Yourself

Beyond the right skills and experiences, recruiters are also trying to find the best personality fit. Ensure that you have any answers so your personality will shine through. Amazingly, when your resume is great but you are not polite, personable, and friendly on the phone, you will be passed over as the recruiter understands particular candidate likes a bubbly personality.


7. Outfits to Wear

One of the most important parts of an interview, even with the recruiter, is looking the part (how you dress/look) so that you’re in the right headspace and the recruiter knows you’re serious. it’s very important to wear a specific outfit in order to look good and help you feel confident. The way you dress will either boost or break your personality. So, before heading into a job interview, it is advisable to pick the perfect outfit to enhance your self confidence and increase your chances of getting job. Before you choose the right career outfit, you will need to carefully check the level of the formality and the dress code of a workplace where you are interviewing.

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8. Stay in touch

When it is time to end your conversation, do not forget to say thanks to the recruiter for their time. If you may have any last questions, ask them now. Also, ask them how you should proceed with the application procedure and what an effective way for you to keep in contact with them is. Sometime they will direct you to their company official websites if they provide an online application process while some will require a hard copy of your resume so you also need to bring a few copies. When you have business card, do not forget to give them.

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