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Jen – Is Not a Runner Runner

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Jen is a proud and certified tree hugger. You have to be if you’re working for the Department of Fish & Wildlife… in California, no less. I think she started running because she made a subconscious connection with nature.. She tells people she runs because she made a bad bet with a friend. Either way, she ended up in the biggest time commitment of her life! It’s a passion that she’s been driving with her own two feet and we applaud her for all that she has achieved. Her 11ish spirit can be defined in these three words: obsessive, methodical, and community. Let’s break it down and get you inspired.



Watching her talk about running is like watching someone talk about the love of their life. It is endearing, bordering insanity, with a touch of annoyance. She talks about her journey because she truly appreciates every step she takes. You listen in awe as she goes from running a block to running marathons. However, like any good telenovelas, the story falls into the “wtf why did you do that” territory as she shares her milestones riddled with pain and torture. All for the sake of something we’ll never understand about running. However, we 11ish folks do understand the chase for the personal goal. Few others are willing to even acknowledge our rationales, much less understand why we chase what we think is worthwhile for a lifetime.    



Any runner runner will tell you that running a race is the easiest part of being a runner. The months and months of preparation is the real challenge. Running is one of those things that takes a methodical commitment that only an 11ish personality can appreciate. If it’s truly your passion, you find all the resources you can on the subject matter and commit your ass off with a methodology of a shameless OCD. If it’s not your thing, you will attempt it for a couple of weeks and give up faster than you can say not a runner runner! 



Through running, she’s built a community in real life and on social media. She is not a runner runner, and now she’s inspired a ton of other not runner runners. We think she has something here and we are excited to watch her grow.


On 11ish, we love late bloomers, because that just proves to you all that it is never too late to kick and haul ass. She’s already enlisted a ton of instagram followers and is setting out milestones to achieve even more, both on and off the racing circuits!


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Good job, Jen.



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