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Simple & effective Way to Ask for What You Want


To be effective is to be methodical in your approach. Take a deep breath, trust in yourself, and believe in the intention of your asks, then follow these steps:


FAST First Action Steps to Take:

    1. Write down three things you want from people right now but haven’t been asking for. They can include things as small as a sale from a new customer or as large as a raise from your boss or more attention from your husband.
    2. Let go of any fears, embarrassment, or shame you have about asking for things.
    3. Set yourself up with opportunities, in person or via a phone or video call, to ask these three things of people. You can do this. Remember, a “no” is better than not asking for what you want.
    4. Dream up something big that that you want from someone even if you think he’ll never say yes to the idea. Ask for it. What’s the worst that could happen?