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How to progress w/o burning out

We are fortunate to live in a time & part of the world where information technology is plentiful. You can learn anything you want for practically free! This has undoubtedly unlocked micro & macro growth opportunities for us go-getters that were previously moonshots. However, we can easily chase down the wrong rabbit hole and get burnt out feeling like time flew by with minimal accomplishments. Here are some tips to stay mentally afloat. 

Set goals within goals

At this point, you’ve decided to aim for something less than .11ish of a percent of the 7 billion population will ever even think about achieving. You have that inner drive to do something great and you know the road is tough. We’re the same way and know that incredible feeling of chasing destiny!

At this point the first thing we know to think through is a laundry lists of what is required to achieve success. However, don’t forget to come up with monthly goals. Without this crucial step, your dreams will seem so far away that you will subconsciously put your tasks off. You will postpone your destiny by years, if not indefinitely; guaranteed. 


The tangent of a success is…

We all know the feeling you get when you’re stuck at a progress ceiling. You’re feel paralyzed and avoid decision making with stupid lame excuses. The cure is to look for tangents. Tangents help you look at your goals in non-obvious ways. because obviously your regular approach isn’t working.

I propose the following: if you’re hiking a mountain and there is an 80% chance that there’s a tiger on your path waiting to eat your face off… do you want to try your luck on the same path or walk an extra 2 days around tiger to actually reach your destination?


Never give up. Train your mentality.

Going down the wrong path is inevitable. You live and work day-in and day-out for 365 thousand days, with everybody else around you going through their iterations of day-ins and day-outs. You need to instill yourself the idea that bad decisions happen and it’s just is what it is. It’s an incredibly tough mental exercise. The first step towards accepting that shit happens is that goods things will also come around. You must not give up! If you know anything about blackjack card counters is that they only need 51% odd in their favor to win. Poker players need even LESS than that if they are managing their bankrolls (read: bets) correctly. That is 100% the same case with life.


We hope these ideas will motivate and help with your journey. Hit us up if you have any questions and we’ll gladly provide you with feedback and tips.


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