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Simple tips to know who you’re dealing with (Part 1)

All through school, the number one most anxiety inducing phrase was always “it’s time for a group project.” Fast forward to present day where every job, whether you’re an entrepreneur building your company from the ground up, or work in an office and have coworkers, it’s virtually impossible to build an empire without a supporting cast. 

Every person is vastly different, which means there is no one size fits all way to work and talk to people. If you’ve never heard of the handy little ‘people’ cheat sheet called the “Meyers Brigg Type Indicator,” let me break it down for you.. Why should I care you ask? Because the key to success doesn’t lie in being a lone wolf. In order to truly excel in life, you have to learn to build up not just yourself, but those around you. 

The Meyers Brigg covers a wide range 16 different personality types you will often come into contact with through all phases of your life

 There’s the Inspector, Counselor, Mastermind, Giver, Craftsman, Provider, Idealist, Performer, Champion, Doer, Supervisor, Commander, Thinker, Nurturer, Visionary, and Composer. These personalities encompass everyone. 

Giver, Provider, Visionary

  • Extroverts
  • Can hardly stand to give up the spotlight
  • Visionaries 

Mastermind, Idealist, Composer

  • Introverts
  • Write down the plays instead of executing

Counselor, Performer

  • Artists
  • Use the right side of their brains

Commanders, Supervisors, Doers, Champions, Inspectors

  • Spearhead every operation
  • Don’t like to hear “no”
  • Head honchos

So what does all this mean? Personally, I am an ENTJ, which means I am known as a commander. My strengths include taking charge of situations and finding the most efficient. People with this markup are generally leaders in their field and have strong personalities. Which is where our weaknesses come in. Being head strong also leads to butting heads with some of the other personality types. The biggest challenge that I face in my day to day that I have to actively work on, is not commandeering every meeting I walk in to, and making sure to listen and soak in other people’s opinions as opposed to pushing what I think is the correct answer. 

Well what’s next? Now that you’ve figured out the type of person you’re dealing with, how do you adjust your style to create the most symbiotic relationship that keeps everyone happy? A follow up article to come!

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