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Build your home office right

Being passionate about your work means that you probably take work home. Perhaps your workplace is your home! Here’s how you can make it work (puns intended)​. In this post we are going to give you a series of ideas on how to do it right!




Determine the space

The first thing is to choose the place to establish your workspace. We recommend that it be an independent room to the rest of the house in order to differentiate the work life from the family. It avoids any type of distraction that makes your task difficult. It also makes it tax deductible, if you’re in the US of A.

If there is no independent space available for this purpose, the best possible solution is to choose the furthest possible place from the living room or kitchen. Find somewhere airy and climate-controlled. 


Choose your decorations

Once you have decided on the perfect place to set up your office, decorate with your heart; you’re going to be there all the time so have a sense of personal flair! P.S. Comment to us if you’d like us to write about that next!


Choose a style according to your personality so you can be inspired and concentrate. The color of your walls, for example, is something you will see all the time. The choice of neutral and soft tones creates a light and serene space. Most people wants to paint their walls. Ironically, white walls help stimulate thoughts, so perhaps off-white to add a bit more character?


Work Appliances

The table/desk. Make sure it’s adequate in size. You can judge by lining up all the physical products you work with, and then add a bit more. That should be the size of your desk. Additionally, it is essential that your table has a large drawer to store documents, gadgets, and etc…

Last but not least, I recommend cable ties. It really tidy your space up!


Essential Lighting

Lighting is essential for a comfortable and productive workplace. It is recommended that natural light be used, so it is better if we have a space with a large window. If you can, the table or desk should go perpendicular to the window so that the sun naturally lights your workspace. If, on the other hand, you do not have the possibility of using natural lighting, you can buy a desk lamp (obviously), but make sure you warm lighting. Cold or pure white lightbulbs will make you feel like you’ve been sitting in a hospital for hours.


Seat Choice

The chair is a very important since it provides comfort and help assist in productivity. Do NOT cheap out on this! The chair must be ergonomic, have good lumbar support and adequate height. For the best posture, the way to sit should be with both feet being able to reach the floor. That being said, I do enjoy a chair that let’s me slouch if I want a break, though 🙂 Do not forget that the placement of the computer must be correct (read: at seated eye level).



Lastly, if your work involves more than just a computer make sure you have good storage. A clean workspace will help you zen out. On that other hand, Harvard did came out with a study that said a messy room stimulates creativity, so you have to determine what is more important to you

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