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De-Stress your work life

The 40-hour plus workday can be daunting and seemingly unmanageable. It’s oftentimes unavoidable to feel like your entire head is turning gray from the stress of everyday life. While we can’t completely get rid of our stressors, there are some simple tricks to at least be able to deal and not completely lose it even when it feels like 



  • CBD Coffee
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I recently bought into the biggest trend in California right now, which is CBD oil. The common misconception is that CBD contains THC, the same component found in weed. CBD is actually essentially an extract of the same plant but without the THC. It’s completely safe and effective to use, so much so that I put a couple of drops into my morning coffee every single day. This has done wonders for my mental state going into every morning. CBD basically just relaxes you through the day, so instead of having an existential crisis every time an issue comes up in the office, you keep calm and collected and take everything in stride. This concoction should be looked at more as a mood enhancer. The following is the one I use and recommend: ( But I do want to add that everyone reacts different to CBD and you need to make sure to find a brand that works for you. 



  • Meditation


The second, and most important habit that I picked up after starting work, is just disconnecting and meditating for 5-10 minutes (or whatever amount of time you can put aside). The first response I get to this whenever I try to convince my friends about the benefits of meditation is “ I can never stop thinking and sit still for that long.” To be fair, meditation isn’t something you can just wake up and be able to do, it takes practice. My simple process for meditating is; every morning, before doing anything:

  • I put my phone on silent
  • Put on my noise cancelling headphones, 
  • Turn on the “50 best Meditation Songs collection” on Apple music
  • Relax


Full disclaimer, it takes time to be able to push out all of the noise and be able to completely be in a state of full relaxation. But once you’ve mastered the art of meditation I can promise you, you won’t be able to go through a day without it



  • Essential Oils and Nightly Diffusing  


The last major key to living your best life is by investing in essential oils and a nightly diffuser to do work even when you’re finally hitting the hay for the day. I’ve been tempted to spend an entire years worth of salary at Saje just so I can buy the entire store 3 times around. While their inventory may seem a little overwhelming in itself, I have a few key items I would recommend. One, their popular peppermint roller is an absolute must have if you’re like me and spend your entire day staring at 3 desktop monitors stressing out about your outlook inbox. It helps relieve tension around your head area, and has significantly relieved the aggressive headaches I would get through the day while giving me an extra boost. 


I would also 100% recommend investing in a nightly diffuser and getting lavender essential oils to go along with it. The smell of lavender has many soothing components that are perfect for keeping you relaxed through the night. The diffuser is also prime if you have any trouble staying asleep. 

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