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Collecting Wins: Zoom -> What Am I Doing, Post Earnings

If you guys bought in Zoom when I recommended, congrats on making a literal killing. I obviously thought we’d make good money but this is freaking insane. in just 1 week, we were able to make what I would like to trademark as a shit ton and in this video, we’re going to talk about what I’m going to do with my stake so you can get an idea about my rationale and see how you might be able to apply to some of my principals to your own portfolio


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The Indications

First and foremost, I had a strong believe that Zoom was going to do well. One indicator was because I saw competitors were doing with their remote office products and thus I was convinced with reasonable certainty that Zoom will win big in the last quarter too. If you want to hear about my other reasons, check out my original video, linked below.


But these people managed to make more money in the last 3 months than it did in all of 2019. That is fucking ridiculously exciting. Not to mention the fact that their CEO is such a nice person and based on how their CTO responded to the recent security issue, they are clearly passionate about what they’re building and genuinely nice people. I LOVE seeing nice people prevail and I couldn’t be happier. 


A new Cult

One member of the 11ish collective commented that Zoom is about to create a cult following and honestly, this is how you do it. You create mythical growth, kicking ass over multi-billion dollar incumbents, and be genuinely passionate about the difference you’re trying to make for the world we all inhabit.


Now before I tell you what I’m going to do next, I have to give you a bit of context.

The way I invest is that my long term investments live in my regular investment accounts, my swing and speculative investments live in my ROTH IRA. The reason is by definition, my swing and speculative trades are being sold within a year, unless I’ve miscalculated, so I trade in my ROTH IRA instead so as to avoid being overtaxed. 


I invested in Zoom because I saw an opportunity for a quick flip and so I parked a little over 100Gs into Zoom. My original intention was to sell post earnings and then do what I did with Peloton, swing trade it between earnings and then reevaluate when the next earnings roll around. That is what I generally do with established companies that demonstrate high growth opportunities. However, this kind of growth is what startups do when they’re early stage and private and this attracts serious money like no other so I’m going to do something a lot different.


especially when COVID and I like how Zoom’s leadership team handled this market opportunity and how they handled the recent security issue I don’t see this growth ending any time soon. 


My thought process is that there are people who bought zoom on options and they will have to collect, which will probably cause some adjustments. Obviously I’m playing the long game so I’m not concerned but I will see if I can maximize a bit more out of this so what I’ll do is I will sell 50Gs stake out of my roth IRA and rebuy that amount into my long term account so that I can open up flexibility for future swing trades in my roth and then rebuy 50Gs in the coming days in my long term account and hold for at least a year. If Zoom’s growth slows down and price adjustments happen, I can sell in my longer term sooner and get tax deductions on the difference. If it keeps going up, I don’t mind paying long term capital tax on it.


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That’s it guys. That’s my play. I would love to hear what your next moves are. Did you make your killing? If you did what is YOUR next move? If you missed this glorious day, are you thinking about buying in? I’ve been kicking S&P 500’s ass since the covid dip; how have you been doing?


Let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns. If you have any requests for what you’d like me to talk about next, all I ask of you is be a part of the 11ish collective and then leave me note. I will for sure respond


Alright guys, thanks for watching and I look forward to working with you next time!


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