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Ben Degros – The Overachiever Skateboarder

Ben used to own a business as a custom interior contractor, building high-end home remodels. However, Ben found his true calling in his 30’s. This just shows that you don’t need to be a child prodigy to win. He’s made himself the interesting skateboarder dad (read: skateboarder who’s a dad) we’ve ever found on youtube. His 11ish spirit can be defined in these three words: passionate, analytical, and cool. Let’s break it down and get you inspired!



Exhibit A) As I write this feature, he’s almost hit 40. He’s also a dad with a “real job” and family. Ben publicly acknowledges and gladly accepts the fact that he needs to make time for family and “real work” so he makes skateboarding videos during lunch and breaks. Normal folks do their hobbies when they have time but easily ditches it for anything else going on. This is clearly not just a hobby.


Exhibit b) He’s not ashamed of the fact that he’s got creaking bones; he proudly posts videos about how to work around being old(er). You think you don’t have time? Watch his videos talking about waking up and sipping coffee in the dark at 5am so he can have enough hours in a day. Or his explanation about randomizing chaos so he can optimize the speed of learning. He may not be a night owl like some of us, but he’s got the 11ish thing going on, for sure.


Exhibit c) He’s spending his valuable time on what most people consider a hobby. Most adults don’t care about it and most kids grow out of it. But when we talk about passion, it doesn’t matter does it. HE cares and it matters to HIM that he’s learning and sharing.


He’s got the 11ish compulsive-obsessive-gotta-do-it-now disorder.



Probably a third of his videos are about him measure and weighing skateboard parts like he’s the Robert Ebbert of skateboard components. Then you’ve got a myriad of tutorials, vlogs, and etc… Not only is he testing and measuring what works and what doesn’t, he’s LITERALLY testing and measuring. Enough said.


Cool (Dad)

Not sure if he’s cool cool, but he’s definitely dad cool. It’s pretty amusing watching him get irate by lost children intruding on his skatepark space. It’s equally amusing to watch him say he’s done and then see 5 more minutes of him failing at doing skateboard trick I’d never be able to do unless I keep trying until I’m his age. Those definitely make up the qualities of an entertaining youtuber. Although every once in awhile, he would include a 5 to 10 second clip of him adoring his children. He loves being with his children and making pickles and it is bloody adorable. Pretty sure Ben’s a cool dad.


Inspired yet?

In a VERY short amount of time, he’s accumulated almost 31 thousand youtube followers not to mention a SECOND youtube channel with tens of thousands more. Looking at his growth cadence, view count, and content engagement, you cannot deny that he’s the type of individual the 11ish collective appreciates. He’d tell you that if he can do it you can do it, and you know he wants you to do it, because if you want to do it, you definitely can.


In the paraphrased words of Ben Degros, “Get out and go [do something] you guys”


Update 10/28/19: As of today, he’s gone full independent and is now supporting him and his family fully off of his construction and skateboarding channels on youtube! Check him out here and have a follow:




Good job, Ben.



The 11ish Collective


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One comment on “Ben Degros – The Overachiever Skateboarder

Jay toronto

Hey there..used to skate back in the day…that’s great man way to stay young!! I’m really msging for a quick question if you are able. I’ve watched your drywall vids over and over and over to diy my new home theatre. Btw my favourite part was when you asked people to be kind in the comments. We need more of that.
I used paper faced metal corner bead on inside corners. Im 3 layers in and still see a tinge of green where the metal is right in the corner. Will dark paint cover this or do I need to do another layer? I can’t find an answer to this anywhere…if you’re able to answer I’d appreciate even a simple yes/no though I get it you’re busy


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