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11ish Investing

Hey Everyone,  We’re going to talk about what Coinbase is, why cryptocurrency is in fact the future and that Coinbase is in a tremendous position, as a business, to take advantage of this fact. We’re then going to touch on… Continue Reading…

11ish InvestingStock Trading

In this article, we’re going to touch on the amazing story of the Archegos Capital Management’s fund; how a smart guy’s bad timing zero’d out his 10 billion dollar fund and then we’re going to talk about how you can… Continue Reading…

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Kim Jung Gi. One of the original urban sketchers that made this genre hip. He knew he had a passion for drawing since he was a child. Like most amazing overachievers, you get a strong sense from his interviews that… Continue Reading…

11ish Investing

A few days ago, I was hanging out with a couple of friends and we were talking about their current investments. One of them mentioned a company I’ve never heard of, with a stock price of around 300 dollars apiece…. Continue Reading…


If you followed the 11ish approach in good bankroll management, you’ve probably invested an amount that protects your bankroll if shit hits the fan but also big enough where the gains are interesting. It’s inevitable that sometimes you didn’t time… Continue Reading…

11ish Investing

Yes I know I know. Lidar sounds like Ligar.   Lidar is not just a stupid-sounding word, guys. Lidar is an amazing next-gen tech, invented by super nerds (and I say this lovingly btw) that might already be embedded in… Continue Reading…

11ish Investing

COVID has blew the world economy into a crazy k shaped growth pattern. If a business promotes remote interactivity or productivity, it probably has had some incredible, if not, insane quarters. Everybody else basically got F’d. Regardless of whether a… Continue Reading…

11ish Investing

  Several years back I noticed that people stopped upgrading their iPhones. As far as I’m concerned, Apple’s innovations have stalled. It’s not that Apple’s lost their fan-base, it’s that everyone I knew (being in the silicon valley) is waiting… Continue Reading…

11ish Investing

  If you didn’t know, DoorDash is a food, alcohol, and grocery delivery service. It has been incredibly handy during COVID. It was already growing explosively prior to the IPO, for years. I LOVE DoorDash as a concept and there… Continue Reading…

Stock Trading

Airbnb will finally be a publicly traded company <cheering noises>! As far as IPOs go, there were three companies that I’ve been excited about this year, 1 of which I can’t talk about due to conflict of interest and the… Continue Reading…

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