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About: Tanveer Malhi

I'm Tanveer & this is my story.

As a millennial navigating the waters of corporate America for the first time, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind, to say the least. From landing a dream internship to struggling with post-college unemployment, to landing my first real gig in the thick of the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley tech. While I’m no seasoned vet, to say the least, my goal in starting this blog is to be able to share my journey, my struggles, as well as the success, and hopefully help the younger generation entering the workforce.

Currently, the biggest struggle in my life, and what I will be basing a lot of my posts on, will be being a young female in a traditional male-dominated STEM space in a major corporation.

Who am I

As a child of immigrants, I’ve watched my parents live out the rags to riches story. Watching them work hard to provide for our family has become the foundation for how I have molded myself not just personally, but professionally.

Aside from my parents, I’ve become a product of two places I have called home. I was raised in the tech bubble of the world and the home to some of the greatest minds in business, the Bay Area. This is where my drive and ambition really started. For college, I moved to Santa Barbara, where I really grew into my own, learned how to balance the internal drive with being happy and having a social life, and figured out my love for healthy eating and meditation.

My personal goal

One of the biggest stigmas that are slowly no longer becoming taboo to discuss in the workplace is mental health. Since my school days, I’ve had this crazy work ethic where I’ve always been a certified crazy workaholic. This was “fine” when I was in college downing three cold brews a day and my brain could function on 3 hours of sleep. After dealing with a career that has required me to be on 24/7, and refraining from taking any sort of PTO so I didn’t look like the weak link in the company, I finally crashed and realized I couldn’t burn out in my mid-twenties. Recently I’ve embarked on a journey to learn what a healthy work-life balance looks like. This journey has essentially consisted of unraveling years of bad habits and putting myself first. I’ll take you through guided meditation, the art of saying “no”, and why you should never feel guilty about taking your vacation days and taking time off.

I hope you, whoever is reading this, will embark on this journey with me and find some helpful tidbits whether it’s how to deal with a difficult coworker, meditate so you don’t burn out, how to dress to impress or anything in between.




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